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White fillings

Fillings are one of the most basic methods of restoring your teeth, usually when they have been damaged by tooth decay. Your unsightly silver fillings can now easily be replaced with the latest generation of tooth coloured composite fillings for a whiter brighter smile.

In addition to conventional drills and our laser system, we have the “Aquacut Quattro” which is a revolutionary fluid abrasion cutting system even faster than the drill. Fluid abrasion is a whole new concept of cutting cavities as well as selectively removing old white filling materials without increasing the size of the cavity, thereby preserving more healthy tooth structure. As there is no drilling involved, most of the time there is no injection necessary.

Ideal for children with early decay as it involves the minimal loss of tooth tissue, they don’t need to have local anaesthetic or have any drilling, vibration, heat or cold water to worry about.