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Common Mistakes Made When Brushing Teeth?

By : on : 2nd June 2022 comments : (Comments Off on Common Mistakes Made When Brushing Teeth?)

Brushing your teeth is a crucial part of your oral health routine. It is recommended you brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time, alongside flossing and regular dental appointments. This helps prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque which can be harmful to your teeth and gums. However, there […]

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How TMJ Dentistry Can Help If You Grind Your Teeth

By : on : 12th May 2022 comments : (Comments Off on How TMJ Dentistry Can Help If You Grind Your Teeth)

Although you may grind or clench your teeth during the day, teeth grinding is more common overnight while you sleep. This can result in headaches, soreness in the jaw and sensitive teeth. Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding can wear your teeth down and lead to sleeping issues as well as further health complications. Bruxism […]

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The Link Between COVID-19 and Mouth Sores

By : on : 12th April 2022 comments : (Comments Off on The Link Between COVID-19 and Mouth Sores)

COVID-19 has been seen to increase the risk for some people from mouth ulcers, canker sores and oral thrush. Research is ongoing into the effects of the virus on the oral cavity, but COVID-19 has also been linked to gingivitis, the early stages of gum disease. Dry mouth as well as a weakened immune system […]

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