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Can You Pull Out Your Child’s Loose Baby Tooth?

By : on : 4th November 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Can You Pull Out Your Child’s Loose Baby Tooth?)

A child’s permanent teeth start to push through when they are between six to seven years old. Once a baby tooth becomes loose, you know a permanent tooth is on the way through. The baby tooth is gradually eased out of the way by the incoming tooth.

When your child’s baby tooth becomes loose, you should resist the temptation to pull it out where possible. The tooth will naturally fall out of its own accord. Your child’s teeth are replaced in the same order as they originally came in, so you should notice the incisors are the first teeth to loosen.

Evaluating a Loose Tooth

While you should let a loose tooth drop put on its own, there may be occasions when you feel you need to intervene. One of these can be when the tooth is so loose you begin to wonder how it has not dropped out already. You may be worried about the tooth falling out overnight as your child sleeps.

In these circumstances, you may evaluate the tooth to see just how loose it has become. If it is really loose, then you may decide to gently pull the tooth using a tissue. The tooth should ease out, but if the tooth still feels secure in any way, or attempting to pull the tooth causes any pain, then it is still not ready to come out. 

If you have any concerns about pulling a loose tooth, you should consult with your child’s dentist.

Never Force a Loose Tooth

Encouraging your child to wriggle a tooth with their tongue or a clean finger can help loosen the tooth naturally. You should never try to pull out a loose tooth if the tooth is painful for your child to wriggle. The time needed for a baby tooth to make way for its permanent replacement should not be rushed, and therefore forcing a tooth out should be avoided.

A pediatric dentist can answer your concerns about your child’s teeth. Do not hesitate to consult a dentist if you think one of your child’s baby teeth should have fallen out. They can advise you whether the tooth can be gently pulled, and in some instances where a tooth is stuck the dentist can extract it for you. However, as a rule, it is best to allow your child’s baby teeth to drop out in a natural manner.

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