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what causes tooth enamel erosion

What Causes Tooth Enamel Erosion?

By : on : 8th March 2022 comments : (Comments Off on What Causes Tooth Enamel Erosion?)

Tooth enamel forms the outer, protective layer of your teeth. Although it is the hardest part of a tooth, enamel can be eroded, leading to cavities, sensitivity and tooth decay. Beneath the enamel is the dentin layer, and a sign of tooth enamel is when the yellow dentin becomes exposed. There are four primary contributing […]

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dentist orthodontist or periodontist

Dentist, Orthodontist or Periodontist?

By : on : 24th February 2022 comments : (Comments Off on Dentist, Orthodontist or Periodontist?)

A dentist must complete a bachelor’s degree plus a further three to four years of medical school before qualifying. They also serve a residency before being able to practice. Therefore, you are in well-qualified hands when you sit in a dentist’s chair.

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what can you expect from invisalign

What You Can Expect From Invisalign

By : on : 4th January 2022 comments : (Comments Off on What You Can Expect From Invisalign)

Invisalign offers a less visible orthodontic treatment compared to traditional metal braces. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners to straighten teeth — which means they are barely visible. Also, you can remove them to eat your favorite foods, and you can clean them with a toothbrush.  These comfortable aligners provide an alternative to anyone who has […]

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when is it time for braces

When Is It Time For Braces?

By : on : 12th August 2021 comments : (Comments Off on When Is It Time For Braces?)

Braces are very common and highly effective, and the technology has rapidly advanced over the past few decades. So, the results are even more stunning than ever before.  The Power of a Smile Many choose braces for aesthetic reasons. After all, their main purpose is to correct issues with teeth such as misalignments and gaps. […]

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dangers of DIY of teeth whitening

The dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening, is it worth it?

By : on : 7th April 2019 comments : (Comments Off on The dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening, is it worth it?)

  You only have to walk into Boots or Superdrug in Wimbledon and see the plethora of over the counter (OTC) whitening products available to the aesthetically hungry public.  The packaging the glossy pictures and the lure of saving hundreds of pounds compared to a professional whitening at a dental surgery makes these products really […]

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Common Questions About Home Teeth Whitening

By : on : 16th April 2014 comments : (Comments Off on Common Questions About Home Teeth Whitening)

In the quest for a pearly white smile, thousands of individuals across the UK have their teeth whitened every year. This relatively risk-free and cost-effective treatment is the fastest way for anybody to get a pearly white smile, but before you go ahead, there are some things you should know. First of all, good oral […]

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Teeth whitening at home: the pros and cons

By : on : 10th September 2013 comments : (Comments Off on Teeth whitening at home: the pros and cons)

Teeth whitening at home, professionally monitored by your dentist is probably the most widely used whitening technique. It’s simple to use, relatively low cost, safe and offers highly successful results. The ability for patients to stop and start at will without having to commit to a regimented daily routine due to the cumulative nature of […]

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lady smiling showing the best method for teeth whitening

What is the best method for teeth whitening

By : on : 5th September 2013 comments : (Comments Off on What is the best method for teeth whitening)

There are many ways of teeth whitening ranging from in-surgery power whitening to at-home whitening, where a custom made tray is used to deliver the whitening agent to the teeth. Other forms of home whitening involve stock trays or plaster like applicators placed on the teeth and moulded into place using finger pressure. In addition […]

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