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why do gums recede

Why Do Gums Recede?

By : on : 14th December 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Why Do Gums Recede?)

“Receding gums” means the gums pull back from the teeth and is often a result of improper oral care. When the gums start to recede, your teeth can become more sensitive and even painful — especially with hot and cold drinks/foods. The teeth may also look longer than usual, with the potential for the tooth […]

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Merton Dental Patient Survey Results – 2013

By : on : 19th August 2013 comments : (Comments Off on Merton Dental Patient Survey Results – 2013)

Over the past few weeks we set out to survey as many of you, our patients, as possible. The results are in and have been overwhelmingly positive. Below are some of the highlights from the survey, along with a selection of comments that some of you have made. 100% of patients were satisfied with the […]

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