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Drill-free fluid abrasion

Drill-free Fluid Abrasion Wimbledon

Fluid abrasion or drill free dentistry is a new instrument that can be used as an alternative to the drill in many procedures. Fluid abrasion uses a stream of fine particles and compressed air to cut the tooth or old white filling instead of using a conventional drill.

This technology allows us to prepare many types of cavities without the need of a drill. Better yet there is no direct contact with the tooth so removes decay and damaged tooth structure with many benefits and no draw backs.

Fluid abrasion can be used for numerous procedures from small cavities and removing old white fillings to repairing small chips and tooth cleaning.

There are a number of advantages when using air abrasion over the conventional method of drilling. Fluid abrasion:

  • is a smooth process
  • is noise-free
  • reduces need for anaesthetic
  • means that more of the healthy tooth can remain intact
  • means there is less risk of tooth damage during the process
  • means that some treatments are faster

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