Giving you the confidence to smile

Merton Dental

The world of ‘Non-Surgical Aesthetics’ is becoming increasingly popular in the medical-cosmetic industry, and at Merton Dental in Wimbledon we welcome you to the exciting new introduction of rejuvenation treatments by our dedicated Medical Aesthetics Dentist, Dr. Roochi.

“Look your best, feel your best, then be the best you can be.”

Dr. Roochi Patel

Outer beauty. Inner Confidence

You’re as young as you feel – but wouldn’t it be something special if your face reflected this? Aging is a natural process, but non-surgical treatment can actually bring out your youth, allowing you to reflect that inner satisfaction outwardly.

Dr. Roochi Patel believes that when you get positive responses in life- driven by your outwardly expressions- your individuality begins to come through as you become more aware of your potential and how to tap in to it.


To help you achieve the look you want- whether it’s simple enhancements to your features, areas of weight that you can’t shift, complete skin makeovers, or are worried about thinning hair- we offer an array of new and exciting treatments that bring results.

Skin Treatment Menu on offer at Merton Dental:

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