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Dermal Roller and Mesotherapy

Dermal roller and Mesotherapy Wimbledon

Dermal Roller SRTM is a precision engineered, hand-held medical device that helps combat the appearance of scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and even hair loss. Micro skin needling encourages collagen and elastin production within the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections making the skin smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking.

Original Dermal Roller SRTM is registered and fully licensed. Do not accept cheap rollers with cheap quality needles which may cause skin drag, allergy or other skin damage. Should be used by trained skin care professionals only.

Skin-friendly, Faster Recuperation, Cost-effective


Dermal Roller SRTM uses 192 micro-needles to part the pores on the top layer of the skin without damaging them. The pores close approximately an hour after using the roller, during which your skin’s ability to soak up the nutrients of skin creams and lotions will increase.

The needles are made from Japanese surgical steel of the highest quality medical grade available. Our Dermal Roller SRTM also contains the smallest amount of nickel (1.5%) on the market, so incidents of allergic reaction are almost impossible.

Skin Rejuvination & Anti-ageing with Dermal Roller or Mesotherapy

SR serum includes 56 of the most effective ingredients for skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. It combines cytokines, coenzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and Hyaluronic acid, making it the most complete skin care treatment available.

SR serum targets the underlying factors that cause ageing, while also treating the skin at the surface, restoring its natural youthful look and elasticity. SR serum can also help to break down cellulite by increasing blood flow and cellular respiration.

Active Ingredients

Cytokines – specifically chosen, act as intercellular mediators that increase the cellular interchange necessary for maintaining firm, healthy looking skin. Cytokines also provide a localised increase in blood flow that helps break down cellulite.

Coenzymes – used to restore energy of skin cells in a natural way. As antioxidants they help to repair dry and aged skin and nourish the deep layers of skin. They will also combat fine lines, reduce puffiness and brighten skin tone.

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants combine vitamins A through E, known for their rejuvenating action on the skin. They help to stimulate new collagen production and protect against ageing factors and environmental damage. On the surface, minerals and antioxidants nourish and moisturize new skin.

Amino acids make skin appear smoother. In addition they improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and minimise the appearance of sun damage.

Hyaluronic acid – helping to keep skin moisturised.


A course of 3 treatments +/-Dermal Roller SRTM with a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks between them is recommended. A follow up treatment 6 – 12 months after the last treatment, then 1 or 2 treatments yearly. Each session uses 1 vial (5ml) of SR serum and Viscoderm (hyaluronic acid)

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