Giving you the confidence to smile

Merton Dental

I cannot praise everyone at Merton Dental enough for their excellent care and friendly approach. I suffer from severe dental phobia and had not been to a dentist for 8 years and every day I suffered pain and discomfort and desperately wanted to go to a dentist.

At that first appointment Dr Sulieman’s patient, kind and very professional discussion of my phobias and how he would deal with them and prove to me there was nothing to worry about, won me over. He explained everything in thorough detail and since any treatment I had had years before had always been carried out under complete sedation, he even convinced me that doing it that way I would never get over my phobias, and he was right. He talks me through everything he is doing and asks every few minutes if I am okay and always tells me to raise my hand if I want him to stop or if I feel anything. 6 appointments on and I am a regular visitor, but my mouth has improved incredibly and to say that I look forward to the appointments would not be an understatement! I now smile and have stopped avoiding people due to embarrassment of the state of my teeth and gums, it has made a huge difference at work, they have noticed a happier me.

I have to say Merton Dental have quite literally improved my life and for this I cannot thank them enough.

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