Giving you the confidence to smile

Merton Dental

I did not have a morbid fear of dentists but to needles, the sheer sight of one would make me become a quivering wreck!!

Having recognised that I desperately needed some dental work my mother scanned the directories to find one that would do laser dentistry and hopefully eliminate the need for local anaesthesia, she found the Merton Dental Centre and made me an appointment even though it was at the other side of London to me.

On arrival Munther showed a genuine understanding of my problem and concerns and has continued to be supportive during all my treatments. He is patient with me and always takes the time to fully explain the procedures to me and ensures my safety and well being at all times, I have had numerous fillings without the aid of local anaesthesia however am sure if the need for one did occur he would help me through the process and he has given me the strength to trust him and allow him to do the procedure.

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