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Merton Dental

For approximately 7 years I didn’t go to the dentist due to a sudden phobia and a few of my teeth needed urgent attention because they’d become quite painful. So after a lot of research I found Merton Dental. My first appointment was with Dr.Sulieman who gave me a thorough check-up and took x-rays and photos. Dr.Sulieman then sent me a full written report which included an explanation and advised me what needs doing. I was very impressed because I’d never experienced this before with any other dentist. Treatment went ahead accordingly and Dr.Sulieman and Karin were very good with a nervous patient. Dr.Sulieman’s work is done with great pride and he always checks to make sure I am alright during the treatment. I always get a call the next day after treatment to make sure that I am ok. Dr.Roochi Patel is also very gentle with me. Janet is good at reminding me of appointments so I don’t forget. So I can highly recommend this dental practice as they are very professional and also very caring.

I would like to say thank you to all the team for looking after me so far and carrying on into the future.

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