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Merton Dental

I have been phobic about going to the dentist for years. Before going to see Munther, I had to have sedation to be treated and I hadn’t been to the dentist for about 10 years, such was my fear. Result? My teeth were starting to rot in my mouth and I knew I would have to do something about them, otherwise I would lose them. I would highly recommend Munther to anybody who has fears about the dentist. He first simply talked to me about how I felt, what my fears were and where they stemmed from. Also the things I found particularly difficult about being treated. He then talked about different ways he could work, to make it easier for me. It sounds silly, but simply having Munther numb my gum area, before giving me an injection and asking me to shut my eyes when he gives me an injection, has helped incredibly. Also Munther giving me the choice of different things that would help me during my treatment, such as only having 1 filling during a session, so if I need to him to stop, there is time. Munther can offer his patients, special glasses to watch any dvd they bring or they can bring their own music to listen to. I opted for the radio and Munther and his nurse’s fun chat!! I feel incredibly lucky to have found Munther before I started losing my teeth and also his lovely and friendly staff. It is now a pleasure?!… well almost! to go to the dentist. Victoria Hill, Archway, North London.

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