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Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth’s nerve dies through injury, decay or disease, sometimes there’s no option but to take it out. However, often it can be saved by root canal treatment.

This is a very successful and completely safe treatment that maintains the natural structure of your tooth. It’s one we strongly recommend.

Don’t lose your tooth

So, rather than taking out the tooth, we get rid of the damaged nerve, leave the tooth in place, and put a permanent filling where we’ve taken out the nerve. Or, if the tooth’s been too badly damaged, we’ll shape it and then return it to its original shape by putting a crown on top, matched to the natural colour of the teeth on either side.

A straightforward treatment for you

There’s no gap left between your teeth and so no need for a dental implant, denture or bridge to fill it, but root canal treatment normally requires a couple of visits to us.

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