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I have been attending Merton Dental Centre since 1994 and since I moved to the south coast in 1996 I have continued to travel to the dentist in Wimbledon as Munther is, by far, the best dentist I have been able to find. I cannot think of a better recommendation than I would not trust anyone else with my teeth and with Janet in the team the whole experience is made friendly yet, at the same time professional. I thoroughly recommend this practice, particularly if you are a nervous patient.

Dawn Faraday

I have been coming to this practice for 10 years and am so happy to have found a Dentist offering such supportive and professional care.

Visits to the Dentist have always been stressful for me, particularly I have a very small mouth and the care of my teeth and gums presents a challenge to any Dentist. However, at this practice I have been reassured and treated as a valued patient rather than a nuisance. Any problems are faced with good humour and viewed as challenges which always have solution; and I appreciate an open and realistic approach to my dental care.

This is backed up with good organisation and communication and I am certainly not allowed to forget appointments!

The practice always aims to improve and develop the service and it has been helpful to have the introduction of a Dental Plan to spread the cost of treatment. I was delighted when a free parking arrangement was achieved locally to avoid the frustrations of meter restrictions.

Merton Dental is a valued resource in Wimbledon providing high quality and accessible dental treatment.

Hillary Saville

I cannot praise everyone at Merton Dental enough for their excellent care and friendly approach. I suffer from severe dental phobia and had not been to a dentist for 8 years and every day I suffered pain and discomfort and desperately wanted to go to a dentist.

At that first appointment Dr Sulieman’s patient, kind and very professional discussion of my phobias and how he would deal with them and prove to me there was nothing to worry about, won me over. He explained everything in thorough detail and since any treatment I had had years before had always been carried out under complete sedation, he even convinced me that doing it that way I would never get over my phobias, and he was right. He talks me through everything he is doing and asks every few minutes if I am okay and always tells me to raise my hand if I want him to stop or if I feel anything. 6 appointments on and I am a regular visitor, but my mouth has improved incredibly and to say that I look forward to the appointments would not be an understatement! I now smile and have stopped avoiding people due to embarrassment of the state of my teeth and gums, it has made a huge difference at work, they have noticed a happier me.

I have to say Merton Dental have quite literally improved my life and for this I cannot thank them enough.

Marina May

I highly recommend Dr Munther Sulieman for anyone who is anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist. Munther and his staff have helped me to overcome my fear to the extent that I am now getting the treatment I need and leaving with a smile on my face.

I’ve been back three times since, and from being terrified just walking past the clinic I’m now much calmer. This is mainly because of Munther’s personal manner, the way he treats patients as people, and how he delivers treatment in an individual, sensitive way. I’ll never be delighted to go to the dentist but I’m going to keep going back, and I’m very grateful to Munther, his nurses, and Janet the practice manager for helping me get to grips with my fear.

Rhys Phillips

Having avoided the dentist for something like 30 years following an horrific childhood experience, needs must eventually forced me to visit Munther Sulieman at Merton Dental Centre. He, and his team, could not have been more understanding, considerate and caring. As a very nervous patient he carefully explained all that would happen, allayed fears and always made clear that I was in total control and could stop any treatment at any point whatsoever.

None of my fears, either about the dental procedures themselves or the consequences of 30 years’ avoidance of the dentist came to pass and I now attend regular check ups without a second thought. Munther utterly understands the fears of nervous patients, as I was, and for any others who find themselves in similar circumstances I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I am hugely indebted to him and his friendly, supportive team.

Roger Birtles

I am so pleased with the results of my ‘6 month smile’ treatment by Dr Munther Sulieman at Merton Dental, whose expertise is second to none. Throughout the process, I received the utmost professional care from all the staff, and the support and attention to detail resulted in a perfect outcome – beautifully aligned teeth.

I highly recommend, not only this treatment, but this dental practice to anyone looking for a warm, friendly and professional service.

Wendy Reeves

I highly recommend Munther Sulieman to anyone who is nervous of visiting a dentist. He is highly qualified, patient and explains everything clearly, giving me total confidence in his treatment. He performed a miracle in getting me to sit in a dentist’s chair after many years of of fear.

The practice is a friendly place to visit, with all the staff professional, but relaxed and welcoming. Have a consultation, you won’t regret it.

Yvonne Owen

I really can’t speak too highly of this practice. Dr Sulieman and his team are so friendly, professional and reassuring, it makes my appointments a pleasure to go to !

When you are a nervous patient and have not been to see a dentist for a while, there is always a fear and apprehension of what lies ahead ! Thank goodness I found this practice. My worries were immediately dispelled because of Munther’s wonderfully positive manner. At the consultation, by him taking the time to explain everything and by being given a clear treatment plan, I felt I was given informed choice and control. This then extends to the treatment. There are assurances throughout, frequently stopping to check that you are still comfortable as well as explanation of the procedure. I chose to have a complete range of treatment , from oral surgery to cosmetic fillings, and everything was carried out painlessly and to a very high standard. From being a nervous patient, I have to say I am not anymore ! Munther is a dentist in whom you can put your trust and I am very grateful to him and his lovely practice manager and nurses, Janet, Karin and Alena. I highly recommend Merton Dental.

Ingrid Gilbert

Mr Sulieman has been my dentist for many years, and I have recommended him to friends and acquaintances.

Once I became a patient of Munther at Merton Dental, visiting the dentist became a totally stress-free experience, as I have complete confidence in his expertise. The suggested treatment is always explained and discussed and I am shown the result upon completion. Injections are totally painless, because Munther is gentle and takes time; therefore when the anaesthetic wears off there is no painful bruising – as experienced with all previous dentists.

Jean Brennan

I cannot praise Dr Sulieman and his staff highly enough, there isn’t anything that I could suggest they work to improve. The atmosphere is so friendly, the treatment excellent and the attention to detail is the best. They all really make you feel like they are always doing what’s best for you and are so flexible and accommodating with appointments which is rare with a lot of dentists.

I would recommend Merton Dental Centre to everyone especially if you are nervous or embarrassed about your smile, you will be in the best possible place.

Jodie Wiles

I did not have a morbid fear of dentists but to needles, the sheer sight of one would make me become a quivering wreck!!

Having recognised that I desperately needed some dental work my mother scanned the directories to find one that would do laser dentistry and hopefully eliminate the need for local anaesthesia, she found the Merton Dental Centre and made me an appointment even though it was at the other side of London to me.

On arrival Munther showed a genuine understanding of my problem and concerns and has continued to be supportive during all my treatments. He is patient with me and always takes the time to fully explain the procedures to me and ensures my safety and well being at all times, I have had numerous fillings without the aid of local anaesthesia however am sure if the need for one did occur he would help me through the process and he has given me the strength to trust him and allow him to do the procedure.

Philip Martin

I discovered The Merton Dental Centre in 2001 having lost confidence with my previous dentist. Not having particularly good teeth I was always at the dentist’s and hated the whole thing. Munther Sulieman quickly got to grips with my dental problems and sorted them out. He has helped me so much with my own dental management.

Rosie Allsop

For approximately 7 years I didn’t go to the dentist due to a sudden phobia and a few of my teeth needed urgent attention because they’d become quite painful. So after a lot of research I found Merton Dental. My first appointment was with Dr.Sulieman who gave me a thorough check-up and took x-rays and photos. Dr.Sulieman then sent me a full written report which included an explanation and advised me what needs doing. I was very impressed because I’d never experienced this before with any other dentist. Treatment went ahead accordingly and Dr.Sulieman and Karin were very good with a nervous patient. Dr.Sulieman’s work is done with great pride and he always checks to make sure I am alright during the treatment. I always get a call the next day after treatment to make sure that I am ok. Dr.Roochi Patel is also very gentle with me. Janet is good at reminding me of appointments so I don’t forget. So I can highly recommend this dental practice as they are very professional and also very caring.

I would like to say thank you to all the team for looking after me so far and carrying on into the future.

Siti McKenzie

I have been phobic about going to the dentist for years. Before going to see Munther, I had to have sedation to be treated and I hadn’t been to the dentist for about 10 years, such was my fear. Result? My teeth were starting to rot in my mouth and I knew I would have to do something about them, otherwise I would lose them. I would highly recommend Munther to anybody who has fears about the dentist. He first simply talked to me about how I felt, what my fears were and where they stemmed from. Also the things I found particularly difficult about being treated. He then talked about different ways he could work, to make it easier for me.

It sounds silly, but simply having Munther numb my gum area, before giving me an injection and asking me to shut my eyes when he gives me an injection, has helped incredibly. Also Munther giving me the choice of different things that would help me during my treatment, such as only having 1 filling during a session, so if I need to him to stop, there is time. Munther can offer his patients, special glasses to watch any dvd they bring or they can bring their own music to listen to. I opted for the radio and Munther and his nurse’s fun chat!! I feel incredibly lucky to have found Munther before I started losing my teeth and also his lovely and friendly staff. It is now a pleasure?!… well almost! to go to the dentist. Victoria Hill, Archway, North London.

Victoria Hill

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